About Digby

Digby: Powering Cross Channel Marketing

Mobile is not a challenge, it is an opportunity. Mobile is the future.

Digby was founded in 2006 based on the idea that mobile technology would change retail forever. Seven years later, we are proud to see our founding idea proved true. As mobile retail has transformed from an extension of ecommerce to the linchpin of cross channel marketing, Digby has evolved as well. From the early days of mobile commerce to the 2012 launch of Localpoint, a cross channel marketing platform that engages consumers in and around brick and mortar store locations, mobile defines and differentiates us.

Digby does it differently.

Digby ensures retailers get the most out of mobile by providing:

  • Technical Innovation

    Digby was first to market with the original mobile commerce platform and first to market with an enterprise-grade location-based marketing platform. Our team has been innovating in mobile before the first iPhone.

  • Focus on Retail

    Retail has extremely unique needs for mobile. Broad cross channel marketing strategies, deep back-office integration requirements and specialized marketing approaches are all par for the course. As we craft solutions and services for customers, we keep their needs in the forefront of our plans.

  • Enterprise Software Delivery

    It does not matter how great a technology is, you have to be ready to deliver and support that technology for the enterprise. From scalable product design to best-in-class privacy to high-touch customer service for large multi-departmental customer teams, Digby delivers like no one else.