Localpoint Geofencing

Looking to build a foundation for location detection?
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System Overview

Localpoint is an enterprise-ready mobile software platform that powers relevant proximity marketing and location analytics for retailers and brands.

Localpoint includes a lightweight SDK that is easy to embed in your iOS and Android apps and a web-based marketer’s console that provides intuitive setup, management and analytics across your application’s install base of consumers. No hardware or software is required on premise.

For those looking to interact programmatically with any component of the Localpoint platform, our Localpoint Bridge API allows you to integrate our location management, campaign management, reporting and analytics into your IT infrastructure, empowering your entire omni-channel strategy.

Make Your App Location Aware With Localpoint SDK

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Event triggers engage customers at the right moment
  • Offer inbox seamlessly stores your messages

Manage Localpoint Through a Web-Based Marketer’s Console

  • Easy geofencing set up, organization and management
  • Simple proximity marketing campaign management
  • Rich campaign reporting and location analytics

Contextual Fidelity

Ensuring only the best in location awareness

Implementing a geofencing solution that is accurate and consistent, while conserving power, protecting privacy and accounting for the highly variable environmental factors around a location is very difficult. For years, we have been building and perfecting Localpoint’s location detection approach to account for a wide range of scenarios and topographies where stores are located.

Localpoint ensures business users get the most out of location technology without needing technical intervention. Our patent-pending algorithms ensure your application is:


Guaranteeing the right person receives the right message at exactly the right time at the right location

Battery Friendly

Promising your app is optimized for a variety of use cases without causing power issues for device owners


Allowing you to send messages to your customers even when the app is closed or removed from the dock

Privacy Friendly

Making sure the only data gathered about your customer’s behavior is brand-relevant and privacy friendly


Providing dynamic engagement when a consumer enters/exits locations or uses custom functionality while in-store