Right Place. Right Time. Right Person.

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Digital Engagement for the Physical World

Digital Engagement for the Physical World

With Localpoint embedded in your branded mobile app, you can guide an opted-in consumer’s purchase path across channels in real-time: driving store traffic through location-based marketing, personally engaging your customers in the physical store and developing new insights into opted-in consumer behavior across your locations.

The Value of Right Place, Right Person


Drive foot traffic through mobile messaging

Drive foot traffic to your locations by sending personalized marketing to app-holding customers when they are near your stores or other locations relevant to your brand. The right message to the right person at the right place and time captures shoppers’ attention, increasing store visits and average order value.


Engage customers in your physical stores

Take control of the mobile experience in your place of business by engaging consumers as they enter, dwell and exit your physical places of business. By turning your loyal customers’ mobile devices into shopping companions, you can directly influence shoppers’ purchase decision and enhance overall customer satisfaction.


Discover shopper behavior and store performance

Delve into consumer behavior at your stores using Localpoint’s web-style analytics for the physical world to measure visits, repeat visitors, dwell time and pathing between locations. Use those insights to improve store operations and to assess marketing programs by tracking the conversion of message delivery into store foot traffic.

What Makes Localpoint Different?

Contextual Fidelity

Localpoint offers highly accurate, battery-friendly and privacy-friendly location detection. Granular location entries and exits serve as the foundation for meaningful location analytics and provide triggers for your marketing campaigns.

Powerful Analytics

Though 95% of sales occur in your stores, it may often feel like you have no grasp of your consumer’s path to purchase. Our location analytics allow you to understand everything from store dwell time to the effect a billboard has on visits.

Enterprise Delivery

Digby has met the needs of the biggest retailers since 2006 and today the Localpoint platform provides the scalability, control and extensibility marketers need to unlock the potential of location-based marketing and unify programs across channels.

Retail Specialty

It’s rare to find a personalized marketing and location analytics provider who has worked with hundreds of retailers. Digby's team of industry veterans have deep retail knowledge and our client services managers help to personalize your marketing.

Learn how our optimized location technology works by visiting our platform page.

How Localpoint Works

1.  Add Localpoint to Your App

Embed Localpoint in your mobile application to add location awareness and personalization

2.  Set Up Your Locations

Identify and geofence locations that are important to your brand

3.  Connect With Your Customers

Execute contextual mobile campaigns to opted-in shoppers based on custom triggers

4.  Learn. Respond.

Develop new insights into shopper and store behavior in real-time

Step One: Connect to Your Apps